Building Phonemic Awareness

Phonics instruction provides young learners with a foundation for speaking, reading, and writing in English. It is essential to building literacy, and can be tough to teach. With our materials you can build your own curriculum, or supplement one that is already in place.

We've designed these materials to facilitate classes of mixed ages and skill levels running from 40-60 minutes long, which is the norm in many hagwons. Each lesson is accompanied by a flash vocabulary presentation, a teacher's guide, lesson handouts, and extras. Also, we'll be periodically augmenting and updating them based on user feedback. So enjoy, and don't forget to let us know what you think!

The Alphabet

(Pre-K / Kindergarten / Absolute Beginners)

On occasion, you may be asked to teach phonics to absolute beginners. These students have little or no exposure to English, and are very young. These activity sheets should help with these situations when they arise.

Letter ALetter BLetter CReview ABC Letter DLetter ELetter FReview DEFLetter GLetter HLetter IReview GHILetter JLetter KLetter LReview JKLLetter MLetter NLetter OReview MNOLetter PLetter QLetter RReview PQRLetter SLetter TLetter UReview STULetter VLetter WLetter XReview VWX Letter YLetter ZReview XYZ

Handwriting Practice

Students generally regard these type of things will a great deal of ire. However, it may occasionally be necessary to hold a 10-15 minute clinic in order to jostle the students' awareness of their handwriting's legibility! They're here if you need them!

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Hard vs. Soft

(1st - 2nd Grade Level Lessons)

Hard vs. Soft CHard vs. Soft G

CVC Word Skills

(1st - 2nd Grade Level Lessons)


Long Vowels

(1st - 2nd Grade Level Lessons)

Long ALong E 1Long E 2Long I 1Long I 2Long OLong U


(2nd Grade -Adv Level Lessons)