Back in October of 2017 we decided to go camping with a couple of friends. We didn’t want to break the bank so we got out our phones and starting searching for reasonably priced campsites. Well, we found one and it was great, but as of right now, I can’t remember the name of it to save my life!

We’ll probably find it with a little digging, but I thought it would be fun to create a little competition out of it. Anybody who can identify this campground correctly, just contact us via the contact page. If we look it up and it’s correct, you’ll get a free membership!

Well after driving a bit from our friends’ place in Seoul, we arrived at the campground late in the afternoon. The red and yellow leaves were beautifully lit by the setting sun. There’s a large open field in the middle of the campgrounds with a soccer goal and several strategically placed swinging benches.

There’s a big building in the middle where you can shower, order some supplies, and even buy some prepackaged meal sets for the grill. We all chipped in and bought the sets, and the campsite owners prepared the grill for us to use. We added the veggies included in set to the grill along with the loads of food that we’d already brought. Of course we had loaded up on soju and beer as well.

My friends, it was a night to remember. We listened to music, tended the grill, and stuffed our faces well into the evening. There were a few noisy families in caravans to the right of ours, and a group of rowdy young guys in the caravan to our right. We tried to manage our own volume level, and felt at ease being outside talking until late as everyone around us did. When things got quiet we went went indoors and played cards for a bit before getting ready for bed.

We rented the largest caravan they had. I was skeptical at first because it looked so small in all the pictures. In the end however, it was actually quite spacious. There were five of us, and we all slept comfortably. In the morning we woke up and quietly cooked some breakfast while savoring the cool mountain air. It was a welcomed respite from the city, and I hated to say goodbye to our little deck and plastic chairs.

Even here at the end, I still cannot remember the name of this campsite!

So with that, if you recognize this place, and would like a free membership to our site, just write in with a link that confirms your guess. As I stated before, if you’re correct we’ll give you a year membership to our site! This will be a first come first serve deal. The first person to send it in and get it right will get the membership, and we’ll come back and update this post with the information when someone gets it right.

Well, we’re glad you’ve dropped by, and hope you’re enjoying reading these posts. We’re working on some ideas for other topics and posts, so please don’t write us off as a travel blog just yet. We’ve just been on some great trips, and wanted to get the ball rolling by sharing some of our memories.

Until next time! Enjoy teaching! Enjoy Korea!