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Cause & Effect

Beginner - Low Intermediate

This worksheet introduces the concept of cause and effect to the students, and emphasizes the pattern in which Zero Conditional clauses appear. The students should read through the sentences and label the clauses in each sentence as either cause or effect.

Approximate Time: 3-7 Min

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Fill In The Blank

Beginner - Low Intermediate

This worksheet provides more examples of Zero Conditional clauses in action. Study the examples with the students. Then have them attempt to fill in the blanks with appropriate cause or effect clauses

Approximate Time: 5-10 Min

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Pair Work - Q & A

Beginner - Low Intermediate

This is a pair work activity. After the students have had a little exposure to Zero Conditionals, let the students practice the patterns by asking each other questions from this sheet.  Have the students form pairs, photocopy the sheet, cut the copies in half, and distribute the slips providing an A and B copy to each pair. Monitor the students while they complete the activity.

Approximate Time: 10-12 Min

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Advice & Proverbs

Intermediate - Advanced

There are twelve scrambled sentences. Each is a familiar proverb or statements of advice that use Zero Conditionals ( not all do ). Have the students try to piece together and reconstruct the sentences. Helping them through it can get tough for everyone. It might work out better if you give them an allotted amount of time to try, and then check it as a class.

Approximate Time: 12-15 Min

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