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Collocations Intro 1

Beginner - Low Intermediate

This is a great way to introduce collocations to the students. Before you distribute the worksheet, try to solicit some collocations from the students. You'll probably have to demonstrate one or two on the board so that they get the idea, but will find they know a few already. For this activity, the students should try to fill each quadrant with collocations using the words in the column on the left. You can even make a competition out of this as well.

Approximate Time: 7-10 Min

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Collocations - Get ~

Beginner - Low Intermediate

After the students have had some exposure to collocations. Let them try and figure out which ones from the cart correctly complete the sentences. Make sure to explain the students that the word "get" changes based on the tense! Do a few examples of one one using different tenses on the board before they begin.

Approximate Time: 7-10 Min

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