Review – A, B, & C

ABC Cards

You can print and laminate these cards to help facilitate a variety of games and activities that will help keep young learners interested. Once they've begun to learn the other letters, combine these cards with other sets to create Go-Fish or Memory style games. You can also print them and distribute them for use in "What's That Sound?" type activities.

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Match Up

Let the students color and decorate the worksheets if they are interested in doing so. Encourage the students to sound out the words and identify the letter which correctly corresponds to the sound. Demonstrate to the students that they should draw a string connecting  each balloon to the correct letter. If your students are able, you may even have them try to decorate the worksheets by coloring the pictures and writing the vocabulary words that correspond with each picture.


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Listen & Number

Call out the words for the pictures at random. The students should listen, and number each picture in the order you have called it out. Get a consensus about which sound each word begins with. When you have completed it, have the students call the words back to you in the correct order. Distribute some crayons or markers if they are interested in coloring the worksheets. Use them as decorations on the wall!

Approx. 7-10 minutes to complete.

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Shape Up !

This is a letter recognition activity. The students are required to distinguish both upper and lower case letters. Distribute three crayons or markers to each student; one for each shape. The students should search the grid for the letters, and identify each by drawing the shapes that have been assigned to each in the key above the grid. Some groups will find this exercise a welcomed respite from boisterous noisy activities, others will often rush through this in a competitive fashion with varying levels of success. Having the students compete can be counter productive if the group dynamic isn't well established, so it's a good idea to be observant.

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What Sound ? (A)

This is a great review or warmup. There are many ways to complete the exercise, and depending on the level of the group, the students will find a variety of ways to approach this activity. Attempt to complete the worksheet as a group at first. Get a consensus on the vocabulary word and the correct letter from the class. Have the students trace the correct letter.

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What Sound ? (B)

This is essentially the same activity as before; just a bit harder. The students should look at the picture, sound out the word, and decide which letter correctly completes the written word. You definitely want to complete this one as a class. Some groups may be able to complete this as a cool-down activity. If so, move around the room, and observe the students progress. Correct their mistakes, and confirm each students ability to identify the sounds.

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Formation Review

This is simple writing exercise. You can use it to double check the students' ability to correctly reproduce the letters. Young students will often try to take shortcuts or rush through the correct steps in order to complete writing exercises faster. Before distributing the sheet, review the proper letter formation for each letter on the board. then distribute the sheets. Move around the room and observe their technique, and help them complete the the task.

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