About Us

Hi! We are Robert and HeeJung, and we are ESL teachers with a combined experience of just over twelve years. We understand the stress and struggles that hagwon teachers face all too well. After sharing our own experiences and stories with our friends and other expat teachers, we were inspired to create this site.

Our focus here is on producing a comprehensive library of teaching materials designed especially for hagwon classrooms, which we believe are unique when compared to other ESL classrooms.

With everything we make, we're looking to find a balance of flexibility, attractiveness, and functionality. Eventually, we hope this site will provide anything and everything expat hagwon teachers might need to make both living and teaching in South Korea as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We look forward to developing the site further with the help of our users and their feedback.

Thank you again for visiting our site!  We hope you'll explore the site further and if you happen to come across anything you like or found to be useful, please help us grow by sharing a link!